Together, they're Coral Gables' largest park.

The Underline is a project that will transform the 10-miles underneath the Miami Metrorail into a linear park and urban trail and is fully integrated into the design and vision of Gables Station. 

Gables Station’s developer, NP International, will fund 1/2 a mile of the Underline to ensure that the section of the Underline that is integrated into the Gables Station’s design is executed to its full potential. NP International is doing their part to ensure the overall vision for the Underline is realized.

The additional green space that is created on the Gables Station lot, including the Gables Station Park, blends with the Underline to create the largest park in Coral Gables at 2.895 acres. This significant park improvement to the city will add 200 feet of green space to bookend the neighboring building and Gables Station. The design is a seamless and safe flow between the Underline and the many amenities of Gables Station; together it creates a new, walkable community surrounding the Underline.

At the Douglas Metrorail Station, just a few blocks down the street, a bike repair kiosk is available for the cycling community. A bit further down the path, close to the University of Miami is the Underline's UM Colonnade, which will be home to retail shops and restaurants for walkers, bikers, and Metrorail riders to enjoy. All that, and more, including public exercise facilities, lush tropical landscaping, and picnic spaces are just a short walk or a quick Metrorail ride away for residents and guests at Gables Station. 

NP International is a proud sponsor and friend of The Underline. 

Read more about the Underline, how you can get involved right now, and see the full design here: