Beautiful public amenities for the City Beautiful.

Gables Station’s master design blends many historic elements of great international cities with the urbanism of a new modern city. The design looks to establish a blueprint for the future while incorporating the historic architectural elements of the past. The square and palm-lined median are traditional of European cities, but the overall design couldn’t be more modern. The traditional elements are integrated into the design and serve to further emphasize principles like public transit accessibility, walkability, sustainability, and mixed-use.

A large green median will be added to the west side of the Metrorail. This palm-lined median will complement the Underline and add a significant amount of green space that opens up the Underline. A fountain is strategically positioned just off the street and the Metrorail which will provide a pleasant, natural ambient sound to play over the trains and vehicles passing by. 

The cafe-lined square is located between Buildings 2 and 3. The square is reminiscent of public spaces in Rome, Barcelona and Paris; it’s a place to eat, walk, gather with friends and enjoy the amenities of an urban neighborhood. It will serve as the focal point of the project and the Urban Living Room in Gables Station. The square is filled with signature palm trees, large shaded trees, and umbrella-covered seating for the cafes and eateries located along the perimeter. On the far side, a bridge and arcade, evocative of a train station and a Mediterranean aqueduct will connect Buildings 2 & 3 across the second floor. 

The palm-lined median serves as the northern entrance to Coral Gables, following the established tradition of grand public entrances in other parts of the City Beautiful. Coral Gables has a 90-year tradition of city-making and Gables Station is a grand new entrance to the City Beautiful.