Gables Station is a mixed-use project. It's an oasis of residences, public space, and commercial space in a prime location connecting Coral Gables to Downtown Miami through the transit corridors of US1 and the Metrorail.

Gables Station will set the standard for a new quality of life in Coral Gables defined by Mediterranean design, beautiful public space, and proximity to public transportation including integration to The Underline, Miami’s most ambitious urban development project. 

Located just 30 feet from the Metrorail, Gables Station has been strategically designed by renowned architect Jorge Hernandez in partnership with Gensler. The design is beautiful, progressive and thoughtful. For example, the residential units are strategically located above and away from the train's rails to ensure that residents wake up refreshed every morning. Gables Station is designed to allow residents and visitors to jump aboard the Metro or the trolley in the morning, walk to the wellness and lifestyle center or the markets and restaurants in the afternoon, and rest assured that they'll have a good night's sleep every night. We invite you to be part of a new community centered around public transit and a healthy, active lifestyle in Coral Gables. 


THE URBAN LIVING ROOM AT GABLES STATION : Read about NP International's Urban Living Room concept, a theme consistent throughout the Firm's projects and is coming to life at Gables Station.