Smart design for a new way of life.

The Architect: 

Gables Station was designed by Gensler and local architect Jorge Hernandez, the architect and professor behind the renovation of the Coral Gables Museum and Gables Station’s sister project, Paseo de la Riviera. The design team at Gensler helped bring Hernandez’s vision to life.

The building design is reminiscent of both classic Caribbean and Mediterranean design. 

Divided into three buildings, Gables Station’s design is carefully composed to balance quality of life with the challenges of the property’s close proximity to the Metrorail. The result is a series of buildings that address the integration of the Metrorail and the Underline without sacrificing a peaceful residential and hotel space for locals and visitors alike to enjoy. 

Buildings 1 & 2: 

Buildings 1 & 2 are residential buildings of the same design with a combined 450 units. On the ground floor, facing the Underline, is retail space of 19,000 square feet under Building 1 and 18,000 square feet of retail space under Building 2. Above the ground floor are five floors of parking in each building. U-shaped pool decks above the rail level overlook US1 and Coconut Grove's green canopy of trees. 

Building 3: 

Building 3 is a limited service, executive extended-stay hotel/residential product with 66 hotel rooms. A retail space of 68,000 square feet on the arcaded ground level will include a variety of lifestyle and wellness tenants. The hotel's back-of-house (including storage, cleaning facilities and kitchen) is adjacent to the Metrorail, minimizing noise for guests whose rooms live in the middle body of the building facing east towards US1 and Coconut Grove. Above the hotel rooms, there are three additional floors of residences.

Commercial Space: 

Gables Station will have a total of 105,000 square feet of commercial space. This includes 10,000 square feet of restaurant space for walkers, bikers, joggers, residents, and visitors to enjoy lining the street plaza area (5,000 square feet in Building 2 and 5,000 square feet in Building 3).


There are approximately 1,000 garage parking spaces which live on five floors in Building 1 and five floors in Building 2. The abundance of parking is designed to be aesthetically pleasing from the outside view of the building through a clever and unique design featuring large screen-covered arches shielding a view of a large parking garage. The screened arches reference the architecture of great train stations like Penn Station, Union Station, and Grand Central Station while still staying consistent with the classic Coral Gables’ Mediterranean aesthetic.